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nautech travel services

Nautech Travel Services was founded May 2018. It was established as part of the Nautech Guam Group to help manage the exclusive contract with Rakuten Travel's Rakuten Travel Guam Lounge and to facilitate a professional management for Rakuten's clients coming to Guam. Nautech Travel contracts over hundreds of tours and activity companies so that we may resell and introduce the many fun and exciting tours to our clients that Guam can offer.

Nautech Travel also contracts transportation companies to provide van and big bus transportation to its clients. Nautech Travel also owns private high grade vehicles to provide VIP service to our clients. At Nautech, we call it the "Service Black".


Nautech Travel Provides support and sales for Rakuten Travel Experiences, an online experience, activities, attraction booking site (formally Voyajin) for Guam. Bookings made with Rakuten Travel Experiences will receive Rakuten Points.


The Valley of the Latte Transportation Reservations

Nautech Travel Services offers exclusive and non-exclusive transportation to and from the Valley of the Latte. Click here to book your transfer now! 

Prices starts from $15 per person (minimum 2 persons required)

*Exclusive Transfer also available. Reserve your car now!

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Rakuten Travel guam Lounge

Nautech Travel manages and operates the Rakuten Travel Guam's local customer services. 

*Currently Closed.


Tel: 671-647-1118 Fax: 671-647-1120

Rakuten Travel Guam navi (

Nautech Travel Guam manages the Rakuten Travel Guam Navi, better know as "RAKNAVI GUAM" ( Raknavi Guam hosts and introduces many of Guam's tours and activities that is available for our visitors. We have many tours and activities from marine sports, diving, dinner shows, to BBQ's and many many more. We urge you to visit the RAKNAVI Guam page .



Nautech Travel Services offers walk-in lounge restaurant consulting as well as online bookings (with cost) through Raknavi Guam.


rent a car bookings

Nautech Travel offers online rent a car bookings with various car companies to choose from. The rent a car bookings can be made through Raknavi Guam. 


rent a car bookings

Nautech Travel offers the online guide "Staynavi" Guam for all clients that that comes to Guam. The online site optimized for smartphone user gives users the convenience,  the assurance for all their needs while they stay on Guam. Staynavi Guam, customers guide during their stay. 

Arrival Information


valley of the latte online agent agreement (apr 2024- sep 2024)

Our business partners can click below and sign their agreement for the Valley of the Latte. Its simple, and fast. :
- Tour Agreement - Used for Agreements with Tour Agencies and the Valley of the Latter for the upcoming April 2024 through September 2024. 

Valley of the Latte Online Agreement

Rakuten TRAVEL, GUAM pass agreement (2024)

Our business partners can go to our online agreement or download the Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass Agreement 
Businesses are all invited to participate in the Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass, Benefit Program. Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass is a "Benefit Card" program made to entice travelers to visit and patronize the many business here on Guam. 

Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass Agreement

*Introduction to the Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass brochure (PDF) can be downloaded here. Introduction to Smart Pass

Partner Agreements (apr 2023- mar 2024)

Our business partners can download the various agreements for Nautech Travel Services.
*Agreements include:

- Tour Services Agreement - Used for Agreements with Optional tours, activities, and attractions.
- Direct Payment Agreement - Used together with the Tour Services Agreement to allow the collection of payment at the vendor (Tour) directly between the customers and the tour.
- Restaurant Agreement - Used for Restaurants for seat reservations, etc.,
- Smart Pass Agreement - Used to provide benefits to the customers
- Rent A Car Agreement - Use for Rent A Cars bookings
- Taxi Services Agreement - Use for Taxi Services provided to Rakuten Clients
- Transportation Agreements - Use for Transportation companies to provide services to Rakuten clients
- Direct Booking Registration - Used to allow tours to be booked directly from customers to each tours.

                                                                                      Go to the down load page:


We are happy to announce. Nautech Travel in collaboration with Hotel Nikko Guam and Rakuten Travel Guam in providing transfers to customers that had booked Hotel Nikko Guam's "One way Return Transfer Room Plan". (Only for those who have booked the specified Transfer Room Plan through Rakuten Travel)