rakuten Smart Pass List

楽天スマートパス, リーブランディング
Re-branding of the rakuten smart pass

2024年7月1日より 楽天トラベルスマートパスがリーブランドされます。新ブランド名が「楽天トラベル、グアムパス】に変更。

Effective July 1st, 2024: Rakuten Smart Pass will be re-branded to its new name, "RAKUTEN TRAVEL, GUAM PASS"

For more details of the Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass Program, download the Introduction to Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass from the following link. To download the introduction sheet, Click Here

Rakuten TRAVEL, GUAM pass List 
楽天トラベル, グアムパス使えるお店のご紹介 (2024年4月~)

Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass is a special benefit card that is provided to Travelers from Rakuten Travel who travels to Guam. Benefits from many services, such as Restaurants, shopping, optional tours, and outlets, etc., Rakuten Travel Guam works in hand with the many businesses on Guam to provide you with the extra added value you deserve. (For Service Providers who wish to add your services or who wish to change their benefit to the Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass List, please contact Nautech Travel Services, at: info@rakutenguam.com  Click Here)




***All interested businesses, please click here. Guam Pass Agreement

TOURS, Restaurants & shopping(ツアー・レストラン・ショッピング)
*The list below is as of April 2024. 下記guam passの参加店リストは2024年の4月よりのリストです。