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Nautech Guam Corporation (NAUTECH) was founded in 2018. NAUTECH started out as the incoming agent of of Japan's leading Online Travel Agency, Rakuten Travel through its subsidiary, Nautech Travel Services (NTS). As an incoming agent NTS is responsible for Transfer Services, Representative Services and Sales, Marketing and Promotions of Tours & Activities. NTS is aware of the needs of a tour operator and exercises professional work and strives for the best and highest standards for our clients. NTS is proud to be a partner and working with Rakuten Travel, and all our tourism partners in Japan and Guam.  With over 25 years of experience in Guam and tourism, NTS has built a solid and stable company and has grown to become a full-service Destination Management Company.


Our team combined at Nautech Guam, we have close to a century of experience working together with many of the tourism partners in promoting the destination. Local ground handling of tourists from off-island is our strength. We specialize in 

  • Local Transportation 
  • Consolidating of tours, activities and attractions. 
  • Reselling of tours and activities
  • Promote and management of tours and activities
  • Tour & Activity  Bookings
  • Rent A Car Bookings
  • Restaurant Information and Reservation Services
  • Destination Management
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • General Service & Sales Agent (GSA Services)
  • Distributor for Mueller Sports Medicine products

As being a member of Guam Visitor Bureau, our President has served on the board and Chaired the Japan Marketing Committee. Under his leadership, the destination rebounded from several years of traveler decline from our core market of Japan. 

We are a member of the Japan Guam Travel Association (JGTA), working together with the other Tour Agencies partners to bring one voice in bringing Japan and Guam's travel relations as well as creating safe and exciting destinations for our visitors in tourism. 

December 2021: Nautech Guam Corporation became a proud member of the newly formed Guam Travel & Tourism Association, which advocates for all tourism and travel businesses and organizations in Guam. Recognizing a need for tourism business representation in the tourism industry, GTTA was formed to provide support to businesses of all sizes, by actively safeguarding them from public laws and government policies that adversely affect the growth and prosperity of the visitor industry. The organization will provide the research necessary to justify solutions to current tourism and travel issues and restrictions that would, otherwise, inhibit the industry’s ability to thrive. GTTA will work with other tourism and travel organizations on the island, forming partnerships to ensure the success of all within the industry. It will involve itself in projects that will complement the goals of its members and partners, focusing on services and activities that yield tangible results. Overall, GTTA is committed to being the voice of involved tourism and travel businesses and organizations in Guam and will work towards ensuring that the needs of the island’s visitor industry businesses are met while improving the quality of life for all residents of Guam. Our President serves on the board and is a current Vice Chairperson for this organization.

March 2023, Nautech launched Nautech Trading, which brings bigger opportunities just for Nautech for Guam, CNMI, and the rest of Micronesia. Nautech has added its focus in helping the people by bringing quality line of products which helps not just athletes, but anyone that may require relief from pains associated with sports, accidents, and age related injuries. We are excited and proud to venture into this new market. 

"Japan Airlines doubles daily flights"

March 26, 2018; The A.B. Won Pat International Airport Guam on Sunday welcomed about 230 Japanese tourists who flew from Narita, Japan, via Japan Airlines' inaugural second daily flight to the island.

Some of Guam's tourism officials also see the additional flight capacity as a step toward helping stem Guam’s sliding visitor arrivals from Japan. Japan arrivals now make up just 40 percent of the island's visitor market, from more than 80 percent in prior years......

Guam Daily Post, Guam

Nautech Businesses and affiliates

Nautech Trading

Wholesale of Sports Medicine Products


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July 1st, 2024, Rakuten Travel Guam Inc., and Nautech Travel Services jointly announces the RE-BRANDING  of the Rakuten Travel Smart Pass and the Rakuten Travel, Resort Coupon. As both programs are an on-going programs with various participating businesses, the re-branding will simplify the program thus making it easier to understand and for businesses to participate. The new names for each program will be as follows:

Old - Rakuten Smart Pass  → New- Rakuten Travel, Guam Pass

Old - Rakuten Travel Resort Coupon → New - Rakuten Travel, Guam Coupon

July 13th, 2024 (Saturday) Japan Guam Travel Association announces the annual Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association/Japan Guam Travel Association,  Keep Guam Clean, Beach Cleanup 2024! All interested business and individual may register now. For more information, please contact: info@ghra.org or info@jgtaguam.com  Register

Janaury 23, 2024, Nautech launches the "Agent Agreement" for the Valley o fthe Latte
Nautech launches the Agent Agreement of the Valley of the Latte for the upcoming months of April 1st, 2024 through September 30th, 2024. The agreement of the remaining fiscal year for October 1st, through March 31st, 2025 is scheduled to be distributed in June and July of 2024. We thank all our partners for their continued support and partnership. 

April 1st, 2023: Relaunch of the Rakuten Smart Pass

Rakuten Travel Guam Inc., and Nautech Travel Services proudly announce the relaunch of the Rakuten Travel's "RAKUTEN SMART PASS" Program starting this April 1st. " As this program brings together the many businesses on Guam, Rakuten Travel and Nautech are both proud to able to take advantage of the growth in the upcoming months to prepare for the increase of travelers and offer the travelers the ways and means to find Guam's businesses who are offering "added incentives" to get the visitors through their doors. We hope that by relaunching this program, this will help not just the visitors receiving the benefits that comes with the program, but also "empower" the many awaiting businesses so that the increasing visitors will find their way to their business. " said Bill Nault, President of Nautech Travel Services. 

March 25th, Nautech Guam launched "Nautech Trading" to boost the new Sports Medicine Wholesale Business.

Nautech Guam Corps officially launches NAUTECH TRADING to help boost its new business in Sports Medicine wholesale. Nautech Guam officially signed its distributorship with Mueller Sports Medicine to boost sales in Guam, CNMI,and the Micronesian Islands. Mueller Sports Medicine has a rich history in sports medicine innovation. From its beginnings in 1959 to the creation of the retail Sport Care® category, our mission has always been to design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality sports medicine products expected by its customers throughout the world. 

Quality Mueller Sports Medicine products can be found in over 100 countries around the world through a network of distributor partners, 3PL warehouses and an outstanding subsidiary office in Yokohama, Japan. Mueller Sports Medicine have an outstanding team of Associates at its headquarters in beautiful
Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, USA, as well as throughout the USA and in multiple continents around the world. With the expansion Guam, it can now service Guam, CNMI, and its neighboring islands. Where there is sports, you will find Mueller Sports products. Nautech Guam Corporation, Dba; Nautech Trading is a proud Wholesale Distributor and Retail for Mueller Sports Medicine Products. 

March 20th, 2023: Nautech Guam Corporation signs Distributorship with Mueller Sports Medicine
Nautech Guam Corporation is honored to successfully sign a Distributorship with Mueller Sports Medicine. Mueller Sports Medicine with over 60 years has stayed close to the changing needs of athletes, be they weekend warriors or international superstars, through our extensive line of sports medicine products.Mueller has led the industry with breakthrough innovation across braces, supports, tape, training room supplies, athletic training travel kits, recovery devices and home fitness. Nautech Guam Corporation is proud to be part of its mission for Guam, Marianas and the Micronesian Islands. 

JANUARY 2023: Nautech Guam launches "Valley of the Latte, Online Tour Agent contract.

Nautech Guam launches the "Online Tour Agency Agreement form for easy and contract signing for FY2023 (April 2023 - March 2024) (*Secured Online site.: Click Here )

December 2022: Nautech Guam launches "www.klickdicover.com" KLICK DISCOVER

Nautech Guam Corporation proudly became USO Guam's Bronze Sponsor. "It is with great honor to be USO Guam's Bronze Sponsor. It will now allow us to work closely to help USO'mission of providing Information and Connection to the hard working United States men and women of the Arm Forces and their families when away from home, and especially when they are on Guam"

October 2022: Nautech Guam Corp officially becomes United Service Organization (USO) Guam Bronze Sponsor

Nautech Guam Corporation proudly became USO Guam's Bronze Sponsor. "It is with great honor to be USO Guam's Bronze Sponsor. It will now allow us to work closely to help USO'mission of providing Information and Connection to the hard working United States men and women of the Arm Forces and their families when away from home, and especially when they are on Guam"

June 7: Guam Travel & Tourism Association announces "Get Guam Going" Webinar / Forum

The Guam Travel & Tourism Association announced its first Online and In-person hybrid Travel Industry Forum scheduled to be held on Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Guam Grand Ballroom from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Detailed information can be found in the website at https://guamtraveltourism.org

December 2021: Nautech Guam joins "Guam Travel & Tourism Association

In December of 2021, Nautech Guam Corporation is proud to announce its participation in becoming a founding member of the Guam Travel & Tourism Association. This non-profit organization's vision is to be the catalyst for strategic policies, opportunities, and projects that educate, promote, and support tourism growth and improve the visitor experience and the quality of life for the residents of Guam. Nautech Guam urges other industry stakeholders to consider becoming members to jointly work together to improve our industry and out island. 

December 3, 2021: Nautech Guam Corporation, Nautech Travel Services awarded GSA for Valley of the latte.

Nautech Travel Services is happy to announce its award of its partnership with The Valley of the Latte Cultural Adventure Park as its General Service and Sales Agent. Effective immediately, Nautech Travel Services will be handling the marketing and sales aspect for the Valley of the Latte Cultural Adventure Park. "We are very delighted to be able to work with the Valley of the latte, to work together in reintroducing the many years of historical history and cultural that can be seen, learned and experienced at the valley. Exploring Guam's longest river, and all the aquatic animals that lives within this natural river. From the real latte stones, to the indigenous plants and trees untouched by the ever changing surroundings. you can only experience this and many more exciting adventures that awaits you at The Valley of the Latte." said Bill Nault, its President & CEO of Nautech Guam Corporation. 

July 1, 2021: Nautech Guam Corporation moves office.

Nautech Guam Corporation (Nautech Travel Services) has relocated its main office from The plaza to the Tumon Sands Plaza in Tumon. The new location will be: 1082 Pale San Vitores Rd., Unit 347 Tumon, Guam 96913. Contact us at: info@rakutenguam.com or call: 671-647-1118

July 1, 2021 Rakuten Travel Lounge closes lounge at The Plaza in Tumon. 

Rakuten Travel Guam Lounge closes lounge at the Plaza in Tumon, but is expected to open a new location shorty. Once the new location is finalized, we will inform of its location through various online methods. Please look forward to our advancements. 

April 30, 2021 Rakuten Travel Lounge continues to operate at minimum.

As Guam continues to be at PCOR3 and the "Opening of Tourism" pushed back for another two weeks, Rakuten Travel Guam Lounge continues to be closed while the in-office operation has been changed to its revised and minimum schedule during the Pandemic. 

We may be contacted at info@rakutenguam.com

July 31, 2020: Rakuten Travel Guam Lounge still operating at a revised and minimal schedule.

As Guam moved to PCOR 3 on July 20th, Rakuten Travel Guam and Lounge services are still operating on revised and at a minimized modified schedule. We have implemented "work from Home" schedules in which most employees work from home online. We are accessible through email, so please do not hesitate to email us for anything. 

Email: info@rakutenguam.com

June 14th Rakuten Travel Guam Lounge prepares for COVID-19

As Guam continues into the conditions of COVID-19, Rakuten Travel Guam Lounge has prepared to receive clients when travel starts back up. Rakuten Travel Guam prepares to re-open when travel restarts, by making sure that our place of employment and receiving our clients is safe for everyone. We have made sure:

1. Awareness: Poster for both employees and clients

2. Daily employee health checks

3. Temperature and health questionnaire and checks prior to entering the lounge

4. Floor indicators for social distancing

5. Acrylic Sneeze Guards for counters

6. Mask Rules (Masks provided to customers and employees)

7. Employee disposable gloves provided

8. HEPA Air Cleaners in lounge and office

9. Hand Washing and hand sanitizer Rules (Sanitizers provided prior and upon entering)

10. Limiting of customers entering at one given time

11. Online service and consulting for customers

*And other daily improvements being made. 

March 20 , 2020: Rakuten Travel Office, Rakuten Travel Lounge Temporary Closure: In accordance to the Governor of Guam's Executive Order 2020-04, Rakuten Travel Office and Lounge, will be temporary closed to observe the local lock down. We will be available through email only. Please email us at: info@rakutenguam.com. All normal business will resume once the Governor calls for the end of the lock down. Email will be monitored daily.  more

March 4, 2020: Rakuten Travel launches first "Rakuten Travel Guam, Online Optional Tours Sales campaign. Nautech Guam, in cooperation with Rakuten Travel's "Super Sale" in Japan, launches the first ever "Guam, BIG SALE!". The Sale will run from March 4 to march 15, 2020. It will offer prices cut 50% on some items. 

April 2018: Nautech Guam Corporation establishes Guam office in April 2018. Bill Nault is founder and CEO of Nautech Guam Corporation. Nautech Guam Corporation promises to become the leading local ground handlers of off-island travelers on Guam and to bring more technology services to better tourism for Guam. 

May 2018: Nautech Guam Corporation establishes "Nautech Travel Services" (Nautech Travel) and becomes the Exclusive Tour Agent, and ground handler for Rakuten Travel (Top leading online Travel Agency in Japan) for its Guam operation. Nautech Travel manages "Rakuten Travel Guam Lounge" as well as provides and manages the transportation for Rakuten Travels clients. 

May 2018: Nautech Travel Services begins the its "Reseller" of tours and activities for Guam. Nautech Travel manages the "Rakuten Travel Guam Navi" which is an online tours and activities information, and reservation site. with its proven infrastructure, clients may look up information, and book tours for the many of Guam's tours and activities in advance and pay for them prior to coming to Guam. 


November 2018: Nautech Travel begins its "Transportation Services" Nautech Travel beings its "Transportation Service" with its first Black SUV. 

February 2018: Nautech Travel Transportation begins "Van Service".  Nautech adds a Nissan NV3500 to its fleet to provide more rooms for larger capacity.